Shopping centers and malls have a different security challenge than most locations that need securing. Because these locations are open to the public the security is not as simple as limiting access to the location to only those who work in the facility. Not only are there security concerns but often security teams are called upon to respond to emergencies such as medical issues and lost children. These teams are also needed to help deter theft and keep people from becoming unruly in the location. The security team has a wide range of challenges in a mall or shopping center.

What Can you Expect?

Our team at Mustang Security and Investigations will provide you with the highest level of security possible for your location. We have the most advanced security equipment on the market and years of experience to ensure your shopping center or mall stays safe from those who wish to do harm. The partnership you have with our team does not just lend itself to the security needs and the protection of assets but also to the assistance of those who enter the shopping area. It’s our goal to help you provide the best shopping experience possible which often means responding to emergency situations.

Our Security Staff Provides:

You will know you are in good hands when you hire our team at Mustang Security and Investigations. Our security teams are experienced at:

  • Assisting in medical emergencies
  • Patrolling parking lots
  • Responding to criminal incidents
  • Deterring theft
  • Effective crowd control
  • Finding lost children
  • Directing groups of juveniles
  • Physical security

Let our team be your security partner to help provide the best shopping experience possible for your customers to enjoy. Give us a call at Mustang Security and Investigations and we will show you that we are the best security partner for your business.