A security guard has a bigger responsibility than most of us think. Often these highly trained professionals are overlooked by us in our lives, but when an emergency happens or danger ensues we are more than thankful to have a security guard in the area to provide protection. At Mustang Security and investigations, we provide a variety of security Officers to take care of the needs of your business to keep you and your assets protected.

Uniformed Armed or Unarmed Security Officers
These Officers provide a physical and visible presence to show that the location is being protected. Whether armed or unarmed these professionals stand ready to jump into action and provide a visible deterrent from those who might consider criminal activity in your business.

Off Duty Police Officers
As active police officers when these security experts are off duty they can be the perfect guard for your location to ensure you have the security you need. These officers are often the point of contact for security and help to train and organize our security Officers in a coordinated fashion. The use of these officers is a winning combination for the security of your business.

Mobile Patrols
For some security jobs the need of a patrolling officer is needed to provide the most effective security. This allows for the security of your shopping center, construction site, neighborhood or other property that is large enough to warrant a vehicle patrol. By operating in a random pattern our security Officers are more effective at keeping your property safe.

Alarm Response
One of the most important parts of the security relationship you develop with us at Mustang Security and Investigations is alarm response. While a majority of alarm calls are false alarms our teams are on the job ready to secure a location should trouble arise. There may be a charge back from the City.