You might not think much about having security services for a retail business, but these services are actually extremely necessary for the protection of the merchandise and the retail location. Whether you have a retail store in a strip mall that is adjacent to other stores or you have a stand-alone retail location some form of security is needed. Many times the security for these locations is hired by the owner of the strip mall that you are leasing space from which then takes the responsibility of keeping all locations secure after hours to ensure the stores will be kept safe from harm overnight.

Who Should I Call for Security Needs?
The security services by our team at Mustang Security and Investigations are the best in the business. Securing spaces that need to be kept free of intruders and those who would do harm is the specialty of our team. We are highly skilled and have several years of experience protecting retail spaces from the dangers that are inherent at night. Our team does not apply a one size fits all mentality; instead we create the right security program to fit your needs and keep your retail spaces safe and secure.

Retail Security Services Include:
Our services are geared toward keeping your retail store or strip mall protected at all times. With that in mind we provide:

  • Uniformed Armed and Unarmed Officers
  • Vehicle Patrols of Parking Lots
  • Tour wand systems

While a retail store is open to the public in order to offer their services and products to anyone willing to pay for them this environment presents a security challenge that many others don’t. Our team at Mustang Security and Investigations can handle every retail environment to keep your store secure and protected, call us today.