What type sub division do you live in? Is your community protected? Whether you live in an apartment building or in a gated community you need some type of security. Mustang security and Investigations can provide you with insured commissioned security officers to man your entrance station or patrol your entire sub division which will give you and your family the peace of mind you need.

Mustang Security and Investigations is a local and professional security company that offers the security solution that is right for you. Whether you feel you should have a regular monitoring system, patrols on foot or in vehicles with armed and unarmed Officers, turn to Mustang Security and Investigations for all your security needs. Do you know the other residents of your neighborhood? Even if you do you never know when someone is going to come through your neighborhood with the idea of doing your home and family harm. With Mustang Security and Investigations on the job you know your home is secure.

What Residential Security Services are Provided?

The degree of security varies from person to person. Not only do we each have our own individual ideas of what security is required, different home styles and locations need different levels of security. Whether you operate an apartment building and need lobby security or you are the head of the Home Owner’s Association for a gated community that requires a patrol vehicle and armed officer at the entrance the right solution is Mustang Security and Investigations. Call for a free consultation for your security needs.