When you think of a financial institution you imagine a place that will protect you and your money while you visit. The electronic security is important to everyone and needs to be established to ensure your transactions are able to be processed accurately and without incident; which has become a major concern for many when banking or handing any form of financial transaction. When you see security personnel in place you often feel safe when in a financial institution of any kind. This is the first part of security, which is followed by the electronic security, giving you the knowledge that your finances will be safe with this company.

What is the Right Solution?

Finding the right security company to provide you with the physical security you need is an important part of ensuring the protection of a financial institution. The highly trained professionals of Mustang Security and Investigations are able to provide protection for every type of financial institution. The list of places they protect includes bands, brokerage firms, office buildings, insurance companies, brand locations, call centers and credit card centers. Every company requires a different level of security and Mustang Security and Investigations will adapt the security to meet the requirements of each individual company.

An Example of the Right Security Guard Services:

When you need a security guard in place to make sure your financial institution feels secure Mustang Security and Investigations provides:

  • Uniformed Armed or Unarmed Guards
  • Vehicle Patrols
  • Lobby Surveillance & Security
  • Off Duty Police Officers
  • Employee Background Screening
  • Visitor and Employee Identification

Our services are available to you anytime day or night to give you the security you need for your financial institution. Call us at Mustang Security and Investigations if you need security for your financial institution, our trained professionals can offer you everything you need.