Materials used during construction have an obvious intrinsic value not only to the company and crew assembling the structure but also as a valuable commodity that can be sold. Specific materials such as copper have had value on a variety of markets, which has led to construction sites being robbed for products such as pipes and wire for this material. Other issues that arise with open construction sites include vandalism and destruction of the site that would need to be repaired and set the crew back a number of days or weeks, creating a financial hardship for the construction company.

What is the right solution?

The right solution for a construction company is to hire Mustang Security and investigations to provide security for the construction site. The investment of a professional security expert to protect the property can save valuable time and energy when it comes to keeping a construction job on time and under control. Avoid the experience of coming in after a long day of building the apartment building, office structure or home only to find all your hard work has been torn down and destroyed. Let Mustang Security and investigations be the solution you need for your construction company.

What Security is Included:

Often a construction site does not need security during the day, with the exception of the use of Identification security to ensure everyone on site is supposed to be there. The security Mustang Security and investigations can provide includes:

  • Vehicle Patrols
  • Off Duty Police Officers
  • Uniformed Armed and Unarmed Officers
  • Visitor and Employee Identification

The investment you make into the security of your construction site greatly outweighs the cost of time and energy you would be faced with if you don’t have our security services. Let Mustang Security and investigations be the security team for your construction company.