Security for commercial properties has become one of the most important parts of doing business. Companies will issue identification badges and have security Officers posted in the lobby of their large corporate buildings to ensure those that enter are allowed access and permission. The protections provided by the security team, which typically operates in shifts to have security around the clock, ensures those inside are able to be safeguarded against harm from intruders. Whether it’s due to confidential information that is being used to develop products and services or the need to protect employees, more companies than ever have begun to employ security teams.

What Security Can Be Provided?

Mustang Security and Investigations offers the latest in security technology to offer the right monitoring and physical security programs for any corporate headquarters or commercial property. These security measures ensure a complete physical security of the premises while offering the access needed for those who need to enter and perform business functions inside the building even during normal off hours. This security gives all inside the confidence their safety is being protected at all times which allows the employees of the company to work in peace and safety.

Commercial Security Services Include

With Mustang Security and Investigations and the security provided by this great team your commercial building will be able to remain protected in a variety of ways. These are:

  • Vehicle Patrol Services
  • Uniformed Armed and Unarmed Officers
  • Lobby Surveillance
  • Off Duty Police Officers
  • Visitor and Employee Identification Programs
  • Bar code button and wand system placed throughout the building and exterior perimeter and thereby recording time and location of contact. Mustang office will provide download of data.

Security for employees and visitors of your business is extremely important. Let our team at Mustang Security and Investigations show you how security should be handled. Your team should always feel safe when working in your business; with our team on the job you will always feel safe, secure and comfortable.