Mustang’s exemplary reputation and successful business is a result of our on going commitment to the quality of our staff, our policy of positive respectful treatment for all our officers and customers. All employees have a visible chain-of-response and support which improves communication between our clients, management and executive staff. Our success at building relationships has been through performance, dedication, training, and integrity with our clients. Our employees have made us a leader in our industry.

We have experience in handling all types of security requirements in any type of environment. This experience includes industrial, warehousing and shipping facilities, banks, office buildings, residential areas, high rise communities, apartments, construction sites, commercial properties, retail outlets, movie productions and special events.

Mustang has invested time and energy into its infrastructure so that client relationships are improved through our response to emergency or special requests for additional coverage. Our scheduling is handled through a state of the art database that allows us to allocate resources at a moment’s notice as well as account for those needs of the client in a proportionate and appropriate manner. Through our database we are able to profile each and every Security Officer we have in the field in order to match each officer for the specific needs of our clients.

Mustang Security and investigations, Inc. has provided professional high quality security services in Houston and the surrounding metropolitan area for over five decades. Our principle stockholders David Pellham and Joyce Whitenight, have over 75 years combined experience in the security industry.